Hurricane Cocktail.

A tropical, rum-based hurricane cocktail

Easy to make and sure to get your party started. Garnish with orange and cocktail cherries

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

What you’ll need.

50ml dark rum,

50ml white rum,

1 passion fruit,

1 orange, juiced,

1 lemon, juiced,

50ml sugar syrup,

2 tsp grenadine

To garnish,4 cocktail cherries, 2 orange slices

How to make it.


Fill a cocktail shaker with ice then add the rums. Scoop the flesh and seeds from the passion fruit and add to the shaker along with the orange and lemon juices, sugar syrup and grenadine.


Shake well until the outside of the cocktail shaker feels icy cold. Fill two cocktail glasses with fresh ice then double strain the drink into the prepared glasses.


Garnish each one with an orange slice skewered onto a cocktail stick and a couple of cocktail cherries.