Station Updates

  • Meet The DJ – Bakershake

    This week’s meet the DJ.
    Here is our very own bakershake!
    AKA Steve Baker
    Bakershake is 49 years old. He is one of the managers at Worlds Awakening Radio. He sorts out the schedule for the week. He also manages the staff at Worlds Awakening Radio. Steve is one of the people who make sure that the worlds staff are performing well
    Bakershake does The teatime party show. Every Friday from 5 to 7pm.
    He also presents the chart chat show. Sundays from 6 to 8pm.
    When he is not managing the station or doing his shows, he is a teacher at a special needs school. well, with the patience he has, he must be a fantastic teacher right? 🥰 Bakershake has 2 children. Adam who is a teenager and Rachel who is almost a teenager. however, according to bakershake, she acts more like a teenager every day! 🤣🤣
    Of course, bakershake has a wife. Mrs Steph baker.
    Bakershake enjoys music:
    he loves listening to live concerts. He will be going to see Blur this year. 😞😂😂
    Bakershake is an avid church goer. Him and his family Go there every weekend. He always gets involved with All the activities at church.
    Bakershake loves cooking for his family and friends. He does most of the cooking at home. Because,“I’m a baker“
    Mr Baker is a joy to work alongside. The Station is definitely a much better place with him in it!

  • Meet The DJ – Felix

    For the next few weeks; we will introduce you to our DJs. “Meet the DJ“
    For the first week, we have: Felix Ayee. Felix is 34.
    He enjoys: music, documentaries, listening to the radio, playing games and technology.
    Felix’s regular shows on Worlds Awakening Radio are: the Afrobeats show, Thursday evening,9pm,
    Saturday selection, Saturday afternoons, 1pm. Felix also alternates Friday Fryup alongside Rob Pears.. Every Friday at 9am.
    In addition, Felix presents late night love, alternatively with Steve, Samaroo
    Felix is a valued member of Worlds Awakening Radio.

  • Welcome to our new website

    Hey everyone,
    you may have noticed that over the past week or so, our website has been offline. This is so that I can build it from the ground up, as we were having some problems which meant that starting from scratch was the best option.

    It is not yet complete but there is enough here now, to keep you going in the mean time. I am most excited to have a working web player back on the site. This also includes updated now playing information.

    Anyway, enjoy and if you have any suggestions. Please get in touch!