Meet The Team

Our team comes from all over the world and present a wide variety of shows. We’ll be updating this page with more information as we get it.

Terry Kelly (DJ TK)
Ben Rendle
Aliya Thany

Billy Whitcombe
Rob Pears
Steve Mann
Allan Kempson
Steve Samaroo
Kristian Whawell
Niccolina Mariconi

Michelle Pears
Felix Ayee (DJ Felix)
Alan Young
Jolene Welch
Leanne Marie
Ray Campbell
Justin Cunningham (DJ JC)
Hazel Hollindrake (DJ Hazel Rose)
James Hollindrake (James K)

Kamachee1000 (Asha Sweetheart Kamachee)

Jorgen Hanson

Tom West (DJ Westition)

Sydney Tambin

DJ Tricky Ricky

Syndicators and supporters

We are also supported by the following talent, who let us kindly syndicate their shows:
Gavin Crossley

Peter Kirkpatrick
Richard burns (DJ RichyB)
Geoff Woods

Simon Harding