Sorrel Drink.

Prep time 15 mins,

Cook time 20 mins,

Total time 35 mins,

Recipe type: Drink,

Cuisine: Caribbean,

Serves: approx. 2.8L,


1 lb. sorrel,

11 cups water,

1 cup sugar, granulated,

2 sticks cinnamon,

5 cloves (optional),

4 tbsp. grated ginger,

¼-1/2 cup rum (optional),


1. Wash the sorrel. Separate the sepals from the ‘seed’. Wash the sorrel sepals again. Place in a deep pot and add the water, cinnamon, and optional spices.

2. Boil for about 20 minutes or until the sepals begin to lose their colour and look jelly-like. Strain the sorrel and allow to cool. After it cools, sweeten with sugar and add the rum if desired.

3. Transfer to a sterilized bottle and refrigerate. Serve chilled.