The Polar Express.

This Christmas story tells of a boy who has reached an age when he begins to have doubts believing in Santa. Late one Christmas Eve, the young boy is lying awake waiting for the sound of sleigh bells ringing from Santa’s sleigh. Five minutes to midnight his room begins to shake, and he hears a thunderous sound outside his window. The boy jumps from his bed and sees a train in the middle of his street. The boy grabs his robe and rushes out the front door to look at the train. The train’s conductor asks the boy if he is getting aboard. The boy asks, “Where are you going?’ ‘To the North Pole, of course, this is the Polar Express!’ At the last minute, the boy jumps on the train and finds other young boys and girls going to the North Pole. Their adventure begins. On the train he meets lots of other children, among them a know-it-all, a clever girl and a poor boy. During the trip to the North Pole, there are several complications and complications before the end of the journey comes. Among others, the tracks are covered with ice and a child loses its ticket. When they reach the north pole, the children meet Santa Claus, and the boy gets the very first Christmas present of the year, a sleigh bell from Santa Claus’ sleigh. They return safely to their homes in time for Christmas Day, and the boy finds the Christmas Present from Santa beneath his tree

Directed by Robert Zemeckis

Screenplay by Robert Zemeckis William Broyles Jr.

Based on The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg

Produced by Steve Starkey Robert Zemeckis Gary Goetzman William Teitler

Music by Alan Silvestri

Production companies Castle Rock Entertainment Shangri-La Entertainment ImageMovers Playtone Golden Mean Productions

Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures

Release dates October 13, 2004 (Chicago International Film Festival) November 10, 2004 (United States)

Running time 100 minutes 


Tom Hanks Hero Boy / Father / Conductor / Hobo / Scrooge / Santa Claus

Leslie Zemeckis Sister Sarah / Mother (voice)

Eddie Deezen Know-It-All (voice)

Nona Gaye Hero Girl (voice)