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  • The Chi Chi.

    The chi-chi is a favorite frozen cocktail that has a beautiful ocean blue color and familiar tropical taste. It offers something a little different than the average margarita or daiquiri and is sure to add a splash of fun to your summer! Filled with pineapple and coconut flavors, the chi-chi is like a blue version […]

  • Cherry Blossom.

    What you’ll need. 1.25 oz 1800 Silver Tequila 1 oz lime juice 1 oz grapefruit juice .25 oz grenadine Grapefruit slice or maraschino cherry for garnish Salt as needed How to make it. Pour all ingredients into shaker and shake well. Strain into a salt rimmed martini glass or serve over ice. Garnish with a […]

  • The Horcrux.

    What you’ll need. ¾ oz Tequila ¾ oz Vodka ¾ oz Triple Sec ¾ oz Gin ¾ oz light Rum 1 oz Sour Mix Splash Coke Garnish licorice stick How to make it. Combine liquors into glass with sour mix. Top with Coke. Garnish with licorice stick. Enjoy the Harry Potter madness guys!

  • The Glass Slipper.

    What you will need. Vodka Blue curacao Pineapple juice Grapefruit juice Coconut nectar Cream. How to make it. The Cinderella glass slipper is super easy to make. Just add ice to a cocktail shaker[ and pour in the other ingredients. Give the shaker a vigorous shake until everything is well combined. Strain into martini glasses […]

  • The Velvet Elvis.

    What you’ll need: 1oz Chambord Black Raspberry Liquer 1oz Jack Daniels A dash of Lemon and Lime Sprite Slice of lime to garnish. How to make it. Add Jack Daniels, Chambord and Lemon and Lime sprite to a cocktail shaker. Shake thoroughly. Pour into a glass with ice. Add slice of lime to garnish. Enjoy […]

  • Potato Omlette.

    Prep time 5 mins, Cook time 10 mins, Total time 15 mins, Serves: 5, Ingredients. 2 medium potatoes, * 5 eggs, * 1 small onion, * 2 cloves garlic, * 3 sprigs chive, * 3 leaves chadon beni, * 1 sprig fine leaf thyme, * 2 leaves big leaf thyme, * ½ teaspoon salt, * […]

  • Chicken Lo Mein.

     Prep time 15 mins, Cook time 15 mins, Total time 30 mins Recipe type: Meats, Cuisine: Chinese, Serves: 5, Ingredients. 184 g loo mein egg noodles (I used the Sincere Brand. Basically about half pack. ), Approximately 1 lb seasoned chicken, diced (may use boneless), 1 cup mushrooms, sliced, ½ small cabbage, sliced thinly, 1 […]

  • Curry Goat.

    Prep time 70 mins, Cook time 30 mins, Total time 1 hour 40 mins, Serves: 5, Ingredients. 1 lb goat meat, cubed, 1 lime, 1 onion, chopped, 2 tablespoons green seasoning, 4 tsp masala (divided), 2 tbsp curry (divided), ½ tsp saffron (tumeric), 4 cloves garlic (divided), 7 leaves culantro, chopped, 4 sprigs chive, chopped, […]

  • Virgin Pina Colada.

    What you’ll need. 150ml pineapple juice 50ml coconut milk 25ml lime juice ice cherry, to garnish For the mock rum syrup 100g dark brown muscovado sugar 1 pineapple, a few strips of skin, plus leaves to garnish 5 black peppercorns 5 cloves 1 cinnamon stick How to make it. STEP 1 To make a mock […]

  • Harvey Wallbanger.

    A cocktail that is a balance of sweet and sharp for those of us who can’t decide which way to sway. What you’ll need. Ice 50ml vodka 1 large or 2 small oranges juiced. Half a lemon juiced. 15ml galiano 1 maraschino cherry 1 orange slice How to make it. Fill a cocktail shaker with […]