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  • Meet The DJ – Bakershake

    Meet The DJ – Bakershake

    This week’s meet the DJ.Here is our very own bakershake!AKA Steve BakerBakershake is 49 years old. He is one of the managers at Worlds Awakening Radio. He sorts out the schedule for the week. He also manages the staff at Worlds Awakening Radio. Steve is one of the people who make sure that the worlds…

  • Meet The DJ – Felix

    Meet The DJ – Felix

    For the next few weeks; we will introduce you to our DJs. “Meet the DJ“For the first week, we have: Felix Ayee. Felix is 34.He enjoys: music, documentaries, listening to the radio, playing games and technology.Felix’s regular shows on Worlds Awakening Radio are: the Afrobeats show, Thursday evening,9pm,Saturday selection, Saturday afternoons, 1pm. Felix also alternates…