English Garden Cocktail.

Celebrate summer with an English garden cocktail. It’s a refreshing mix of gin, elderflower cordial and apple juice, plus mint, lemon and cucumber flavours

What you’ll need.

· 5 mint leaves, bruised

· 30ml gin

· 2 tsp elderflower cordial (use more or less, depending on how sweet you like it)

· 2 tsp lemon juice

· large handful of ice

· cloudy apple juice, for topping up

· 1 long strip of cucumber, peeled using a vegetable peeler

How to make it.

· STEP 1

Mix the mint leaves, gin, elderflower cordial and lemon juice together in the bottom of a tall glass using a long-handled spoon.

· STEP 2

Add a large handful of ice, then top up with the apple juice. Stir well, then drop in the strip of cucumber before serving.